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Lock Installation – Smooth And Secured Services

The purpose of locks is to provide the safety of your homes, offices, banks, and other commercial places that needs high security from intruders. The priority of every business owner and homeowner is to get locks that provide a high level of security. Are you worried about your business and home security or your old unsecure locks? Then call your nearby professional locksmith for lock installation at a reasonable price with quality work. For the installation of locks, our Wisberg and Daughter – Locksmith experts are available in Plainfield, NJ, for our customers with quality service. Call us now for the secured installation of commercial, automobile, and residential locks.

When Do You Need To Install New Locks?

There are many situations where you should install a new lock that provides high security. These are:

Damage And Old Locks:

Installation of locks should be done if you face any effect on the functionality of a lock. Many locks get rusty and jammed with the passage of their use. So, do not compromise your safety and call a professional locksmith.

Missing And Stolen Keys:

Accidentally many people lose their keys to their homes, offices, and cars and get panic to think what will happen to their safety if someone finds access to their key. So, you must change your locks with a new key set.

Upgrading Your Safety:

Lock installation is necessary to secure your business from intruders and thieves. Install new locks to save your property and money.

Moving To A New Home:

Are you planning to shift to your new home? But is It safe for you to shift without installing new locks? Old homeowners have spare keys to the home locks, so you should replace or install old locks with new ones.

Home And Office Renovation:

Are you going to renovate your workplace and home? Then it is also a good idea to install new and highly securable locks and upgrade your security.

Reading the above-given points makes it clear to you when and why you need a lock installation service. Now, do you want to get new locks of the best quality? Then call our Wisberg and Daughter – Locksmith in Plainfield, NJ, for our assistance.

Deadbolt Locks – We Offer Quick Installation Services

When you choose the right kind of lock for a good security system, remember that complete security relies on the front doors of homes. Deadbolt is a type of lock used for front doors as they are securable ones in providing safety and peace of mind. While choosing a deadbolt, make sure that it is of good quality and installed properly by an expert locksmith. A professional locksmith can easily install deadbolt locks with all the tools and equipment needed while giving the installation service. An expert locksmith uses tape measure, screwdriver, drill and drill bits, masking tape, pencil, chisel, hammer, etc. An expert locksmith will quickly install a deadbolt using these tools, and after it, he will make sure that it is installed properly.

On the other hand, if you have all the tools available in your home, it is easy to install them yourself. The steps involve in deadbolt installation are:

Choose A Position For A Deadbolt Lock Installation!

The first step is to select an appropriate location on your door to install the deadbolt lock.

Fix A Template On A Door

Use masking tape to fix a template at the right position.

Mark The Centre Of The Holes

After the second step, carefully mark the center of the holes for the lock cylinder and latch bolt.

Make A Hole For Lock Cylinder

By using a drill machine, make a hole for a lock cylinder.

Drilling The Latchbolt Hole

At the edge of the door, drill a hole for the latch bolt by using a spade of 1 inch attached to a drill machine and cut a recess that should be ⅛ inches deep by using a sharp chisel and hammer.

Fixing The Faceplate

After cutting the recess, fix a faceplate to it using two screws and use or spray lubricant on the moving parts of the lock.

Fixing Lock And Latchbolt

Now fix the latch bolt and keyed apportion of the lock to its drilled hole locations, and after it, place a cylinder and lock by fixing the lock with screws tightly. Where the latch bolt meets the door jamb marks that area and install a strike plate by cutting mortise and making a hole.


Shut The door and test your lock.

If you feel it difficult to install a lock yourself, call our professional locksmith for the installation of a new lock. We recommend not doing it yourself to avoid any inconvenience.

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