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Lock Rekeying – A More Affordable Option

Lock rekeying means a professional at Wisberg and Daughters – Locksmith will help you change the pin combination inside your lock cylinder so that it will only work for a new key instead of the old one. After we have helped you complete this process, the stolen or misplaced key will no longer access the key anymore.

Lock Rekey Service In Plainfield, NJ

People opt for lock rekeying for several reasons. It may be the case that you don’t have the budget for complete lock replacement, you may have lost or misplaced your keys, you have moved into a new apartment or business area, and several other reasons. Whichever reason, we can help you carry out this process without much hassle. Rekeying your lock will give you the peace of mind that only you have the keys that can access your home or office. Our professionals at Wisberg and Daughters-Locksmith also provide services such as lock installation, commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, and lock maintenance.

Lock Installation – The Best You Can Get

The best door locks get worn out, they may get broken during a burglary or they can get a build-up of dust and stone particles that can prevent them from functioning at the highest level. You may even need to install a new lock because you just moved into a new apartment, as installing requires experience and expertise, selecting which lock to install also requires expertise and experience and that’s why you need to hire a professional to help you with it. Our lock installation experts are the best when it comes to installing quality locks on doors such as composite or UPVC doors. We have every experience when it comes to this service and we won’t let you down.

Commercial Locksmith – Security For Your Business

As a business owner, apart from making money, one of the important things that should be on your mind is the security of your business apartment. A secure business environment is ideal for your business, your clients, and even employees. If thieves and intruders keep on breaking into your apartment now and then, it will send a red flag to your clients and they won’t want to do business with you anymore. If you want to take your office security to the next level, our commercial locksmith and lock rekeying expert is here to help you achieve that. We specialize in lock installation, repair, and replacement for offices and large factories, we can also help you during lockouts.

Auto Locksmith – Secure Your Car

A car has several components that contribute to its functionality, those components include the engine, transmission, and so on. Another component is the lock and key, without them, you won’t even be able to open your car talk-less of driving it anywhere. Because the locks on several cars were bad, the thieves could hotwire them, start them, and drive them away. We want to make sure this never happens to you and that’s why our professional auto locksmith is here to help you install the best locks for your car and program the best keys to them. Our lock rekeying expert can supply and help you program transponder keys, or remote keys to your car.

Lock Maintenance – We Will Take Your Worries Away

One of the factors that contribute to the long life span of locks and keys is how you use and maintain them. A lock that works every day needs to be monitored and lubricated occasionally so that it can last longer and be at the best level of functionality. However, most homeowners and office owners are very busy keeping an eye on their locks to ensure they are in good shape will only stress them more. That’s why our lock maintenance and lock rekeying service is here to take that worry away. Hotwiring the car, starting it and all running away with it was all it took to steal several cars.

Lockout Services – We Will Come To Your Rescue

Lockouts happen from time to time even to the best among us. You may have lost your key and you don’t have any spare to get back inside, your lock may have started malfunctioning, and now it won’t open even when you have the keys. Maybe your key is stuck in the ignition and you don’t know what to do, get our lockout service instead of worrying and get the best solution. Our lock rekeying expert can help you retrieve your key from the lock, get you a new key, or lock it on the spot.

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