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Master Key System – Always Get It Right

A master key system is a lock that allows access to multiple locks by using the same key. It is most commonly used in office buildings and other commercial settings where there are many locks, and people need access to all of them. It saves time and money for both the property owners and the tenants, as well as being more convenient for everyone in general. If you are planning to install a master key system at your office, contact Wisberg and Daughter – Locksmith. We offer top-quality system installation and repair services. Hire us if you need durable and exceptional quality services in Plainfield, NJ.

Types Of A Master Key System – All You Need To Know

It is a system of locks and keys that allows access to all the locks for a building, area or facility. There are three types of this system:

  • A single key opens all locks in the system. This type of system is most common in buildings with relatively few doors, such as a large apartment complex or office building with just one entrance.
  • Different keys open different locks in the system, but some keys open more than one lock. This type of system is most common in facilities with many doors. For instance, an office building with multiple entrances and exits or a hospital that has multiple wards.
  • A specific set of keys open all locks in the system. This type of master key lock is usually used when there are many different people who may need access to certain areas. It’s not practical to provide them with their own set of keys.

Master Key Locksmith – Experienced Professionals

Master key locksmiths are professional locksmiths who can open all types of locks, including the ones that use a master key.

A master key is a standardized set of keys that can open a large number of locks. It is often used in office buildings and apartment complexes to provide access to all the rooms or apartments.

If you are looking for an experienced locksmith who can install a master key system efficiently, then you can call Wisberg and Daughter – Locksmith company. We have a master key locksmith with all the expertise and equipment to offer top-notch services in Plainfield, NJ.

Lockout Services And Master Keys – Let’s Handle Your Lockouts

Lockouts happen when an individual is locked out of their home, car, or office. In this case, the person needs a professional to unlock the door for them. Master key systems are a type of access control system that allows one key to open a group of locks. In addition, they are used for businesses and apartment complexes and can be found in many other places. In the event that a master key is lost or stolen, Wisberg and Daughter – Locksmith company can rekey each lock in seconds, without the need for new or re-pinned cylinders or for operating level keys to be changed.

Schlage Master Key System – Durable & Long-lasting!

The Schlage Master Key System is a lock that can be opened with a variety of keys. The key to the lock is a cylinder which can be turned in one direction or the other. The cylinder has grooves cut into it, which correspond to notches on the edge of the key.

Schlage locks are most commonly used for residential purposes. But they are also used in commercial settings such as office buildings and schools. If you need to get it for your home or office, call us.

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